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Step #1: This is the simplest method to add a computer to a domain. In this example you will be prompted for credentials followed by the required reboot. Add-Computer -DomainName “” Restart-Computer Step #2: If you require an automated script without prompting the user for credentials you can provide the user account with rights to […]

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netdom query fsmo 查询五大角色 dsquery server 显示所有域控 查看架构主机角色 dsquery.exe server -hasfsmo schema 查看域命名主机角色 dsquery.exe server -hasfsmo name 查看RID 主机角色 dsquery.exe server -hasfsmo rid 查看PDC 模拟主机角色 dsquery.exe server -hasfsmo pdc 查看基础架构主机角色 dsquery.exe server -hasfsmo infr whoami /all 查询当前用户及权限 net user /domain 查询域用户状态

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This script might be useful in getting users that haven’t logged for a longer amount of time. It is checking lastlogondate property: Please be aware that it gets a date only from the specified Domain Controller. In this case, I added a logon server in the server parameter and I was looking only for enabled […]

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