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Notice that in Active Directory Users and Computers (ADUC) when setting the expiration of a user account, there’s only a way to have the account expire at the end of a specific day:

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Step #1: This is the simplest method to add a computer to a domain. In this example you will be prompted for credentials followed by the required reboot. Add-Computer -DomainName “” Restart-Computer Step #2: If you require an automated script without prompting the user for credentials you can provide the user account with rights to […]

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The Server Message Block (SMB) network protocol is used to share and access folders, files, printers, and other devices over network (TCP port 445). In this article, we will look at which versions (dialects) of SMB are available in different versions of Windows (and how they relate to samba versions on Linux); how to check the SMB version in […]

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This script might be useful in getting users that haven’t logged for a longer amount of time. It is checking lastlogondate property: Please be aware that it gets a date only from the specified Domain Controller. In this case, I added a logon server in the server parameter and I was looking only for enabled […]

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Unlinked GPOs are just simply policies that aren’t applied to any OU or site. These policies aren’t

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