GPO – Apply to a specific Users/Group

On the domain controller, open the group policy management tool.

Windows 2012 - Group Policy Management

Create a new group policy.

Windows 2012 - Group Policy Objects

Enter a name for the new group policy.

Windows - Add GPO

In our example, the new GPO was named: MY-GPO.

On the Group Policy Management screen, select your GPO and access the Delegation tab.

GPO - Delegation

On the bottom of the screen, click on the Advanced button.

GPO - Delegation Advanced

Select the Authenticated users group and uncheck the permission to apply the group policy.

GPO - Specific user

Click on the Add button and enter a user account.

GPO - Configure user account

Select the user account and give permission to apply the group policy.

GPO - Apply to individual user

Optionally, you may apply the GPO to a specific group of users.

GPO - Apply to group

In our example, the account USER01 was given permission to apply the GPO named MY-GPO.

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